About Us

Stack Chain Central Node LLC is a company and network as well as central for all of the main and test R3 Licensed Central Node Stack Chain transactions, contracts, and connections as well as discovery and AGFT operations. The R in our licensing comes from a very sacred place originating from the original founders of the R3 Stack Project. Everything built within the Central Node operation wise came from the original Stack Project. The original project started as an amalgamation of useful scripts and code snippets that followed the founders between major projects in primarily; C#, C++, PHP, .NET, UE4/5 and UNITY3D. These little keepsakes proved to be superior logic hidden in unlikely coding sources that happen to unlock a genius paradigm that allowed us to stitch together the paradigm we called the Stack Chain

The Acronym R stands for Relativity; Recognition; and Realm. This is what the R3 verification searches for and benchmarks for licensing, auth, and verification. The sacredness in the R is a name. R refers to the main developing founder who was a II and his son was the III who passed in 2019 and set the eternal theme for the licensure protocols being a like acronym for the main developer’s son. Many of the original founders remain hidden for many reasons but some founders yet make themselves available and ready for the public.

We started back in 2012 under an entirely different premise with a similar concept in mid; however, we didn’t have the technical backing as a company then to build/publish

About the Foundation

The founder of the Stackchain.network was an enthusiast that started coding around the age of 7 years old in Q-Basic/Basic language. He has started out to be a regular developer until his late years when he attempted to created an innovative way to encrypt, transmit, and secure data through advanced hashing algorithms encrypted by way of scannable image files. His ideas since then has been adopted in many other nuanced versions of his original attempts. This being both a weakness and strength in technology allotted for an unusual amount of research to be extrapolated in the many nuances.

The key members of the Stack Framework Foundation started to bridge the ideas together that has become the Stack Framework around the year 2012 when they decided to lease clubs to hold physical events and test the data-network in real-time application. These tests yielded to be substantially more convenient in the scope of securing, transmitting, and encrypting data in a real-time real case scenario [ie Ticket Sales to a regular hosted event].

The Foundation wasn’t initially intending on creating any form of cryptographic currency/operation whatsoever. The difference came as a growing demand for newer technological standards and benchmarks.