New Localized Networking and Data Abstract

This article isn’t to boast or brag about a new level of IT reached by a new technology we’ve created or discovered. This is merely an outline observation of a more optimal trajectory in our pursuance of better tech, software, and hardware.  By this new observation we can say that we have reached the point in modern science and technology to leverage data. AI and procedural looping creates a truly immersive experience by and between each user using the nuances of their own language models to mitigate more control over a local server serviced from a local module running on their devices.

User Priority Arbitrary License Structure.  This is a class of Usage terms that grants Arbitrary licenses to the end user as an authorized dealers/admins of their own device server and port transmission services. This is a step towards true decentralization. While it is true that BitCoin, Ethereum, etc boasts their own transfer protocols they are only abstraction layers built atop standard UDP (User Datagram Protocol); optimized by DTLS (DA)

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