Network Privacy Policy

Central Network Domain

Our network domain is: serves as a central for most of our online and central network operations.

Server Posts

Server Posts are posts sent from our server, central node, or administrative peer mitigation nodes. These messages are generally updates from us, our server, your system or our APPROVED affiliates. Because our “Client Post” system utilizes DLT technology it is possible for a local node to fake a server node name or machine. Though they can fake the identity of a server node they cannot assume the authority layer to unlock, modify, or moderate client nodes.

Client Posts

As with comments we collect data for posts and all “client” posts are mitigated by distributed layer technology and are moderated on a as seen basis. Any posted content observed from our server may appear unmoderated, unmitigated, etc… In this event our system is setup to swiftly target TOS and community abusers with prompt action. P2P connections over DLT options and dApps are transmitted predominately outside of our central nexus of peer nodes and it isn’t until a sync we’ll see what is transmitted. In such event you warrant that you’ll moderate said content for those that are connected to you in