XR-2 License


The XR-2 License is the starter license to chain a central node to the Stack Chain. You can quickly draft up test-server prototypes for mass connections; discovery,  and authentications. Every server is equipped to host the most complex discovery; authentication and proof-of-stake measures [DAPOS-m]. The DAPOS-m creation, detection, and extrapolation methods used by the stack chain interpreters are run using an advanced methodology that extends beyond the source code.


By using any of the content on this website in any portion whatsoever up to and including, but not limited to: Images, Audio, Source code, Data, or any bits translated through the stack; constitutes to your express agreement to our usage terms subject to terms X Basic Anonymous, Guest, Test limited central noding.

The X  basic licensure is the standard implied usage terms. You are granted the permission to use outlined sources as services for your derivative projects under applicable terms outlined in section. Source is supplied “AS-IS” without any express warrant whatsoever unless expressly obtained through explicit licensing agreements minimum license level: XR-2.