New Localized Networking and Data Abstract

This article isn’t to boast or brag about a new level of IT reached by a new technology we’ve created or discovered. This is merely an outline observation of a more optimal trajectory in our pursuance of better tech, software, and hardware.  By this new observation we can say that we have reached the point in modern science and technology to leverage data. AI and procedural looping creates a truly immersive experience by and between each user using the nuances of their own language models to mitigate more control over a local server serviced from a local module running on their devices.

User Priority Arbitrary License Structure.  This is a class of Usage terms that grants Arbitrary licenses to the end user as an authorized dealers/admins of their own device server and port transmission services. This is a step towards true decentralization. While it is true that BitCoin, Ethereum, etc boasts their own transfer protocols they are only abstraction layers built atop standard UDP (User Datagram Protocol); optimized by DTLS (DA)


As we activate the first actual private node that utilizes the infinite vector data method, we achieved numbers and calculations that transcended calculators and current outlined maximums in data types for c#, PHP, and even C++ but this wasn’t impressive at all. This is just the beginning of a necessary measure.

We’re working on some things that will definitely add some layer of trade and value to time itself as an infinite layer of measure and trade transcending time and space limitation as currently defined in physics ironically using physics lol.

Firstly we Layer data types per language  and customize an  SDK

Each. SDK comes packaged with arbitrary endpoint idv builders that translate packages into a common language data types that you can in turn automate common APIs apps and games uses to own or monitor where you’re already centralized and what the actual data those access points are receiving and sending.

The Intention of owning and/monitoring data.

By this we can now as developers and enthusiasts of good development rather game, app, library, API, SDK, or program, firmware, middleware, etc.. can become our own arbitrary trade central with a progressive authorization system that you implicitly control.

Once you gain a basic function understand of the stack language you’ll have full 100% control of a network stack and their authentication lies between you and how you develop your network using the Central Node R3 Auth Alpha Prototype, R Protected, and up to X Public Beta Test Nodes.

Competent Test Nodes.

Test Nodes can do everything a Production Node/Stack can do however a basic R3 Node Node will immediate expose the type Auth.

The purpose is that a system can test real financial trade systems using the systems in the test API which is also RESTable.

The nodes utilizes a complex stack of programming languages to accept and cast Implicit data type definitions from end points and methods to interconnect data into common language vectors and infinitely scale numbers into a (idvn) Infinity Data Vector Numbers.











The first prototype R3 DApp Game

Prepare for an exciting test run of what everyone has been waiting for!

This will be the actual test of a prototype game that offers all facets of the R3 Central Node Stack Chain. This dApp/Game is said to offer a complete virtual economy system that mimics all crypto/trade capabilities without the crypto bloat modifying the SSL application to per account “persistent” connection. This new approach allows for infinite iteration, counting, math, as well as coin purchasing; minting; selling; trading; and wagering as money-data. In return the app/dApp/game users can packaging account game/app/dApp objects and prefabs in an entirely new virtual POINT-OF-SALE creating entirely new streams of income for any and all purchasers/users on every end point of the game/dApp.

We reached out to the development team involved for more exact details of the game and maybe even who they were; but, they were prompt with a response of basically “We’ll show you if you keep your mouths shut message.” They pretty much gave us what to say and didn’t really give us any wiggle room for imagination; however, I guess it was okay because they boasted some pretty impressive visuals and claims that they 100% backed up when we met. We unfortunately couldn’t post any pictures or videos of anything impressive because we had to sign a pretty blunt NDA about not posting any images or videos of the content. After our staff met back at our offices we all agreed that it was really complicated to understand but everything seemed way beyond anything we’ve ever seen. This dev team possibly developed an actual prototype for infinity in real-time. They e-mailed us after a recent update of us literally badgering them for an official Press Release since we were not allowed to really post or write anything about this awesome development which would’ve been the greatest story with evidence, and this was what they gave us “Hello Stack Chain Team, We hope to create the true vision of the Stack Chain’s model (Perpetuity Unmitigated); by allowing for unlimited growth, achievements, and swift satisfaction by a constant fast growth algorithm. This algorithm will give us the ability and anything more than that might leak the secret sauce…”