The preliminary lesson

The key thing we must first introduce as a concept before anything is our fundamental understanding of values and what they represent exactly.

Firstly: Physics gives us the key differentials of scalar values vs. vector values.

Vector Values: values that are moving such as a velocity or speed.

Scalar Values: values that are static and not moving such as a distance or a total.

Why are these important?

Glyph Quantification Labelling Systems (GQLS)

Glyph quantification labelling is simply using a glyph sheet or table to represent quantities of numbers in a way as to create a new quantification base counting system from them.

Our first default label 0 from our first GQLS board as defined in the “defacto illion illi” [ K, M, B, T, I, X, S, O, N ]. This row tells the system how to quantify up into 1030 or 100010 in simple letters whereas ‘K” would be one (1) thousand [ 10], M would be one (1) million [ 10002 ], and “B” would be (1) billion [ 10003 ].

Illion [ Spectrum Unlocked ] – Specifically by the powers!:

Considering that the first system that we will quantify from will count in iterations from 103 as the first as “r”; r is then powered in sequence from r2 ,r3, etc. and beyond using the same algorithm of quantifications in scale.

We cannot power by 1 so we simply omit thousand from the illion quantification spectrum which leaves us with a simple counting quantification scheme of one (1) through nine hundred and ninety-nine (999) illion; whereas one (1) illion would be a million [r2 or 1i] and nine hundred and ninety-nine (999) illion would be a novanonagentanongentillion [ r1000 or 999i]


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